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Infographic: Foursqare In 2010 | Skatter Tech

nfographic: Foursqare In 2010

By Sahas Katta

January 30, 2011 11:11 PM

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A little over a week ago, we published an infographic about Facebook, the world’s largest social network. Today, we are taking a look Foursquare, a miniscule in comparison, location-based mobile platform. Since the service launched at South by Southwest in 2009, users have flocked to check into locations they visit. While the notion of sharing locations has not played so well with the mass market, the idea is beginning to pick up steam. With an initial boost from the tech community which began adopting the service quickly, there are now over 6 million registered users.

see Infographic: Foursqare In 2010 | Skatter Tech.

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